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picture-sonogram is a division of Ultra Solutions ( Ultra Solutions is the industry leader in pre-owned, fully refurbished ultrasound systems. Full size systems or portables, we have a staff of in-house engineers that strip incoming systems down to the frame, and then bring that system back to OEM specs. With the assistance of our in-house cosmetic techs, whose skills border on artist-like quality, you’ll discover what the industry has come to learn about Ultra Solutions’ dedication to quality.

When we say “Some appointments are too important to reschedule” the first thought is that couple eager to see their new addition to their family.  But as a facility, hospital or private practice that holds true for operations also. Your patients count on you to keep those appointments and deliver a quality and accurate service. Plus keeping your appointment schedule running smoothly throughout the day is important to you and your staff.

Helping you keep on track and delivering quality product is at the heart of We service all major brands and even a few not-so-major brands (login to view our list). In the event that your device cannot be repaired after it has gone through our evaluation process, you always have the option of purchasing a replacement as we have thousands of probes in-stock and ready to ship. You may even receive a discount by trading in your defective device.

You can begin the process here on to receive a quick and free evaluation of your probe. But if you feel more comfortable starting the process with a live customer service representative contact us here or reach out to your Ultra Solutions sale associate.

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Our engineers have decades of experience repairing ultrasound equipment.

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Helpful tips to keep your probes and systems in good working order.

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All work is completed at our facility in Ontario, California.

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Looking to sell your unused equipment? Our purchasing department would like to speak with you.

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