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You found us! Now what?

Sending your ultrasound probe out for repair can be as nerve-wracking an experience as dropping your car off at a mechanic’s shop. But the odds of asking your neighbor which “probe repair shop” they use are pretty slim.

Ultra Solutions’ is designed to be the quickest way to arrange for your ultrasound probe’s repair. Our probe repair service occupies over a quarter of 25,000 square foot operation and we repair over one hundred probes a month.

The process of having Ultra Solutions repair your probe is pretty straight-forward and we’ll try and set your mind at ease by walking you through our process (If you’d like condensed version see our ad in the DotMed Buyers Guide).

Create an account

Open an account on by visiting our sign-up page, answer a few simple questions and you’re in!

Select you device manufacture and model from our list of probes that we repair.

Tell us what is wrong with your device. Once you have completed these steps you’ll be presented a page that has your information as well as your device information on it. Print it out and place in box with your transducer and ship it to us.

Once we receive your probe we’ll begin the process of evaluating it. We’ll run it through a battery of test to determine what is causing the problem.  Once the test are complete, we have an extensive evaluation report that we’ll share with you. It contains a performance report, cost and repair time table (see sample report).


At this point we’ll wait for your answer before we do any work and if you have any questions you can speak with our customer service rep or you can contact your Ultra Solutions sales rep.


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Our engineers have decades of experience repairing ultrasound equipment.

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Helpful tips to keep your probes and systems in good working order.

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All work is completed at our facility in Ontario, California.

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Looking to sell your unused equipment? Our purchasing department would like to speak with you.

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